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General surgery is the surgical subspecialty that involves treatment of any injury, deformity, or disease with operative procedures. It is considered as an option when medications can no longer alleviate your condition.
Various conditions may affect the normal functioning of GI system and may lead to further complications. South East Queensland Surgery provides a range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for our patients. These procedures are minimally invasive and can usually be performed as day-patient admissions.
Obesity is a medical condition characterized by the accumulation of excess body fat that may result to adverse health effects and lead to reduced life expectancy. South East Queensland Surgery offers both surgical and non-surgical management plans for overweight and obese patients:
Laparoscopic surgery, also known as “key-hole surgery” is minimally invasive, and involves performing operations through small incisions made in the abdomen. These procedures can be usually performed as day patient admissions.
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    Of Surgical Experience
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  • Prof Ash Memon
    Prof Ash Memon
    General, Laparoscopic,
    Gastrointestinal, Bariatric Surgeon
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  • Breda Madden
    Breda Madden
    General Manager/Registered Nurse View Profile
  • Sue Dobson
    Sue Dobson
    Practice Manager /
    Administrative Officer
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  • Carolina Pashley
    Carolina Pashley
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  • Violet Taylor
    Violet Taylor
    Medical Administration Officer View Profile

Review past medical history
Examine certain physical conditions
Discuss symptoms their lifestyle and health impacts

Discuss treatment types and options available
Review benefits, side effects and risks of each treatment choice
Review any non-surgical treatments for your condition

Detail pre op activities
Customised pre op diet
Travel and Family
Hospital Logistics

Pain and Complications
Immediate Surgical Reviews
Nurse Education